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Hello! My Name Is Rebekah Atwater

Meet Rebekah


Daytime Doula

Lactation Consultant

Rebekah’s passion in life is nurturing and empowering new parents. She is a DONA trained Postpartum
Doula, Newborn Care Specialist, and Certified Lactation Counselor. After graduating with a B.S. in Public
Health Education, Rebekah served in Ethiopia as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer.
She began her doula career in 2016 after experiencing her own difficult postpartum and breastfeeding journey.
Her goal is to support each family with warmth, compassion, and humility. Her motto is, "It's YOUR baby; I'm
here to support YOUR way of parenting."

Cynthia B.

“Rebekah was an amazing support to me as a new mother of twins, and was incredibly thoughtful and competent at settling two very difficult babies. She worked with my twins for 4 months and was instrumental in helping them learn to sleep through the night. She always came with creative ways to work with the twins who were very poor sleepers. Rebekah has a warm presence- she was a great listener and big encouragement to me staying some mornings late for pep talks and strategy sessions. So grateful to have Rebekah by my side.”

Anthony S.

“Rebekah brings bliss to parents caring for newborns. Her knowledge and baby expertise provides comfort and peace, while her warmth and calming demeanor wins hearts. At such a pivotal moment - when you're welcoming a newborn into your home - it is wonderful to have someone that can help bring guidance and
reassurance as this new journey begins for your entire family. Having read the books, received countless tips and pieces of advice, and conducted far too many deep dives on the web - still when the day comes you're responsible for this new life and suddenly there are million unanswered questions, countless new fears, and a level of worry you never realized was possible. Fortunately, Rebekah with her doula services, is there every step of the way. She's a blessing.”

Dominique M.

“Rebekah is amazing!!!! As foster parents you do not have the privilege of having 9 months to plan for a newborn letalone know when a child needs you. And as any first-time parents know, the first few weeks of parenting are the hardest. We could not have done it without Rebekah by our side. She is a professional through and through. Extremely knowledgeable and nurturing. She provided the assistance and guidance needed for us to smoothly transition into our new role. Her tips and tricks were invaluable in helping our little peanut thrive! We appreciated the research she would send to us on baby topics (sleep training, growth spurts, etc.) and wealth of patience. She is a regular baby whisperer!!!”

Certification & Credentials

Rebekah's Experience and Education:

● 52 hours of in-person, hands-on lactation training
● Newborn Care Specialist Mentorship Program
● ‘Infant Sleep Fundamentals’ training
● ‘Working with Multiples’ training
● Experience with twins (5 families) and preemies
● Experience supporting parents with Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADS)
● Tdap up to date
● Covid vaccine up to date
● Infant CPR and First Aid Certified

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