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Hello! My Name Is Kim Stinger

Meet Kim


Office and Development Manager, Madam Doula

Birth and Postpartum Doula

Placenta Encapsulator

Massage Therapist

Lactation Consultant

Childbirth Educator

Hello, I'm Kim Stinger, your trusted doula in the Northern Virginia area. With a passion for nurturing the mind, body, and spirit, I bring a holistic approach to support your pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum journey. As a birth and postpartum doula, massage therapist, childbirth educator, and holistic wellness practitioner, I am committed to providing comprehensive support tailored to your unique needs.


As a birth doula, I offer unwavering emotional and physical support during labor and delivery. My experience ensures you have a confident and informed advocate, promoting a positive birth experience. I complement my birth support with private childbirth education classes because knowledge is power. I offer comprehensive childbirth education classes to equip you with the tools and confidence to make informed decisions throughout pregnancy and birth. After birth, I continue to support clients after delivery throughout the postpartum period.  I provide expert guidance to help you adapt to your new role as a parent while also focusing on providing practical assistance, emotional support, and a nurturing environment for your family's well-being. In addition to postpartum support, I can also support your lactation needs. Breastfeeding can be a beautiful but sometimes challenging experience. I provide personalized guidance and troubleshooting to ensure a successful breastfeeding journey.

Lastly, I offer massage therapy techniques to ease the discomforts of pregnancy and postpartum recovery. For my clients relaxation, pain relief, and stress reduction are just a session away. 

My Philosophy

With a deep-rooted dedication to helping families thrive during the transformative journey of
parenthood, I have proudly served the Washington DC area for several years. My mission is to empower
and guide you through every step of your childbirth and postpartum experience.

Your journey to parenthood deserves the best support possible. Let's create a birth and postpartum
experience that empowers and enriches your family's life.
Remember, with me as your doula, you're never alone on this beautiful journey into parenthood.

Certification & Credentials

My Trainings:

  • Prenatal Massage Therapist

  • Postpartum training with International Doula Institute

  • H.E.R.B.A.L for birth and placenta encapsulation 

  • Spinning Babies 

  • Hybnobabie

  • Lamaze Childbirth Education.

“Kim was an absolute gem! I went into labor two weeks early and Kim came to the rescue after the doula I hired  was unable to make it to my birth due to another client's early birth. this was my first birth and my husband and I were at a total loss as far as comfort measures. Kim helped me feel confident with my choices and was excellent communicating with the nurses to keep me comfortable during my labor. Aside from the birth, she was also just lovely to talk to and gave me the best foot massage of my life! We tell all our friends and family that we were so lucky to have Kim as our doula! The universe sent her our way but if we decide to have another baby, I will definitely call Kim Stinger!

Susy Rahamatali,


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