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Hello! My Name Is Mary Ghyabi

Meet Mary

Mary Ghyabi birth doula, postpartum doula, and lactation counselor (CLC) in Northern Virginia

Hello! I am a birth doula, postpartum doula, and lactation counselor (CLC) in Northern Virginia. I have been working in the birth and postpartum space since 2020. I am overjoyed to have found a career that allows me to serve women and their families during one of the most intimate and powerful experiences of their lives. I am working towards certification as an IBCLC, and plan on working to support maternal and infant health for many years to come.
Over the past several years I have supported dozens of families throughout the DMV. Presently, I am focusing on providing postpartum support and infant feeding support to families, but I occasionally serve as a backup birth doula when needed! I am particularly passionate about providing holistic postpartum support to the mother-baby dyad. My favorite aspect of postpartum care is making sure that both mother and baby are nurtured and well-fed- I love cooking for clients!
I am currently pursuing an MPH at George Mason University. When I am not working or studying, I enjoy volunteering to promote community-based doula care in the DMV, reading, and taking weekend trips throughout the East Coast.

“Mary worked with my husband and I as our postpartum doula for around 6 weeks. I can’t say enough positive things about her and her services. The newborn phase can be extremely exhausting and demanding—but Mary made it an incredible experience filled with support, guidance, and even moments of rest! One of the things I appreciate most about her services is her can-do attitude, attentiveness to the needs of the parents and household, and ability to do anything and everything around the house. For example, she watched after our newborn so both Dad and I could rest. She also completed tasks around the house—such as laundry, dishes, cooking, and cleaning. Husband and I were even able to venture out to a restaurant as a couple and with our family to get some much needed time out of the house. Additionally, she was able to give some helpful pointers and resources for my lactation/breastfeeding journey which made the process a lot more manageable. Mary interacted very well with other members of the family and was a calm, friendly, and non-intrusive presence in our home.  I would recommend Mary to any mother who wants to prioritize their mental wellness, life balance, and even a little self care during the newborn phase. You will not regret working with Mary to create a more positive postpartum experience!”

Certification & Credentials

Mary's Experience and Education: 

  • DONA Birth Doula Training 

  • Certified Birth Doula- ProDoula

  • Certified Postpartum Doula- Childbirth International

  • Certified Placenta Encapsulator- Brilliant Birth Academy 

  • Spinning Babies Certification

  • Certified Lactation Consultant- The Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice 

  • Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator Training- In Progress 

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spinning babies
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