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Everything You Need to Know About How and Why to Use a Birth Ball

Updated: May 29, 2023

Use a Birth Ball

What is a birth ball?

A birth ball is simply an exercise ball used by a mama-to-be prenatally for exercise and optimal pelvic positioning.

How to choose the best birth ball for you

When looking for the perfect birth ball, look for one that is burst-resistant and latex free. Pick the right size for yourself based on the following chart:

Height: Ball Size:

5’0’’ - 5’5’’ Small: 55cm/22’’

5’6 - 5’11’’ Medium: 65cm/26’’

6’0’’ - 6’3” Large: 75 cm/30”

Make sure your knees are always lower or level to your hip, NOT higher. When sitting down on your ball, place your hand on the ball first and then lower yourself to avoid falling.

How to use a birth ball prenatally.

  1. The birth ball is a perfect replacement for your couch cushion or office chair. Usually, when we sit at our desks or on the couch, we don't maintain optimal positioning. When sitting on a birth ball, we are encouraged to sit up straight and move freely to make space in our pelvis.

  2. Birth preparation exercises include rolling lunges, squat and lift, wall sits, and hip circles.

  3. Lastly, you can practice birth positions on the ball, such as hip circles, dips, figures 8-s, and supported hands and knees.

How to use the birth ball during labor:

  1. The birth ball is one of my favorite active rest tools during labor. Sitting on the ball doesn’t require as much energy as more mobile activities like lunges, squats, walking, etc. Instead, you can do hip circles, dips, figure 8-s, and supported hands and knees.

  2. In a medicated labor, the birth ball can be used alongside the peanut ball, in different positions, to create space in the pelvis to help the baby descend!

Buy yourself a birth ball. You won’t regret it!


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