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How I Bring Birth Magic To Your Birthing Space

Updated: May 29, 2023

and the reason I make sure to set the mood in every hospital room

birthing space

Picture a hospital room. What words come to mind? Sterile, efficient, standard, and maybe even cold. For birth, this environment can be problematic for two reasons. First, physiologically we want to create an environment that exudes warmth, familiarity, safety, and a home-like glow. That energy helps your body know it is safe to soften, open, and release. The second reason is more practical. Every time a provider walks into your room we want them to stop in their tracks and think “Wow! The energy in the room is great.” This is a proven method to get you more attention from your nurse and even your midwife or OB. I have actually had nurses come into my client’s room and say they “love the energy in the room” or “as long as my other patients don’t need me I will hang out in here.” So here are the five things I do to make your hospital room stand out:

1. Turn off ALL the lights (This makes mood lighting so much more impactful) Physiological birth requires a safe, dimly lit space so this one is a no-brainer.

2. Mood lighting: I love using electronic tea lights. Other options can be battery-powered egg lights, galaxy lights, string lights, and so on.

3. Change the background noise: Between the heart rate monitor, inclusion monitor, and blood pressure cuff the beeping can be never-ending. Just turning on a Spa Music Channel on Spotify can bring the Zen energy in a big way.

4. Pack the comforts of home: Your pillow, blanket, slipper, bathrobe, labor gown, and so on can make all the difference in keeping you warm and comfortable.

5. Bring all the positive energy to the room! (this goes without saying)

My bonus tip:

Add some essential oils to the room (if mom doesn’t mind them). I do this either with a diffuser or by placing some oil on a cotton pad.

Thank you for reading! Happy birthing!


P.S. Thank you to my amazing client for letting me share this picture of her cozy birthing room.

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