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How to Involve Your Friends and Family Following Your Birth

Updated: May 29, 2023

How to Involve Your Friends and Family Following Your Birth

Friends and family can be a huge blessing following the arrival of a new baby. After all, it takes a village to raise a child. However, in some cases, a stream of visitors following a birth can be overwhelming for new parents. Luckily, there are ways to involve friends and family while also drawing necessary boundaries. Remember that it is okay to ask your friends and family for help, and if your circle isn't willing to help out in ways that would be beneficial to you, it may be best to delay visits until you're more settled in at home with the baby. Below are some ideas that will help you involve your family and friends in your postpartum period.

1. Have Your Circle Organize a Meal Train

One of the greatest joys of my childhood was the time after my mom brought a new baby home. My parents' church community would show up in full force and drop off hot meals at dinnertime. I still remember one woman's AMAZING stuffed shells. A meal train can help be hugely beneficial to new families. Dropping off a meal is an easy way to involve your friends and family in the joyous time after welcoming a new baby, and this gesture is simple enough that you and your circle won't feel overwhelmed with expectations. An easy way to organize a meal train is through

2. Ask Visitors to Complete Simple Tasks for You

If you want to welcome visitors into your home, great! Just remember- many hands make light work. Some families choose to write out a list of simple tasks that can be completed during a visitor's stay. Throwing a load of laundry in the washing machine, washing a few bottles, or taking out the trash are examples of simple tasks that your visitors can complete for you. You could also ask your visitor to snuggle with your baby while you take a shower or a nap.

3. Have Family and Friends Run Quick Errands for You

To-do lists tend to pile up following the arrival of a new baby. Even a quick trip to Safeway or CVS can be overwhelming for new families. Finding the time to step out, even for a few minutes, can be a hassle. If you already have visitors on the way, why not ask them to pick up a box of diapers for you? Asking your circle to pitch in and run quick errands for you is another simple way to involve your friends and family following your birth.


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