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Madam Doula’s 10 Postpartum Essentials List

Updated: May 29, 2023

Preparing for the postpartum period is just as important as preparing for the birth of a child. Lots of parents are ready to bring their baby home and have piles of newborn clothes and essentials ready to go, but fewer parents are prepared for the realities of the postpartum period. We’re writing this blog post in order to provide parents-to-be with a list of postpartum essentials that can be purchased in advance. Preparing and stocking your home in advance of the postpartum period can make the time following your baby’s arrival much easier and will give you more time to focus on healing your body and bonding with your newborn.

Postpartum Essentials List

Here’s our list of postpartum essentials (links to our favorite products are listed at the bottom of the page!):

1. Food

Parents put a lot of thought into how they will feed their baby, but sometimes don’t stop and consider how they will feed themselves in the weeks following birth! Self-care isn’t always a priority for parents, especially parents who struggle to adjust to life with a newborn, but nutrition is of utmost importance during the weeks following birth. We recommended stocking your home in advance with your favorite snacks and beverages, filling your freezer with meals that can easily be reheated, and asking your friends and family to pitch in and drop off hot meals off for you. Organizing a meal train is a great way to ensure that you’ll be well fed throughout the first weeks of your baby’s life.

2. A Big Water Bottle

This is another item that may seem obvious (everyone knows they should be drinking more water!), but new moms in particular need to be drinking a lot of water. Water is essential for regulating digestion, which is often off-kilter following birth, and for producing breastmilk. The exact number of recommended ounces for new moms varies between sources, but breastfeeding moms should aim to up their intake of water, drink when thirsty, and drink continuously throughout the day. Having a large and easily portable water bottle can help women achieve their water intake goal easily.

3. Peri Bottle

Peri bottles are an absolute essential for new moms. Using the bathroom can be painful following childbirth, especially for women who have experienced perineal tears, and the peri bottle is an easy and effective way to soothe this sensitive area. Warm water and witch hazel are often used in peri bottles to provide relief and promote healing.

4. Sitz Bath

A sitz bath is an excellent choice for the newly postpartum mother. Sitz baths can provide pain relief, which can be wonderful for a new mom in the days first following labor. Sitz baths also increase blood flow, which can promote healing. Additionally, sitz baths are warm and relaxing (new moms deserve a relaxing bath more than anyone!) and are a great way to ensure that the pelvic region stays clean.

5. Breast Pump

A breast pump is something that should be purchased well in advance, because they’re not always the simplest machines to use. You should practice cleaning, assembling, and disassembling the parts of your breast pump so that by the time your baby comes home, you’ll be a pro. We recommend the Spectra Breast Pump because they are easy to use, easy to clean, and are easy to move around your home.

A manual breast pump, such as the Haakaa, can easily be used to collect milk while your baby is feeding.

6. Nipple Butter

Nipple butter is a must-have item for breastfeeding moms. Nipple butter provides immediate relief for cracked and sore nipples and can be a game-changer for moms struggling to breastfeed.

7. Silver Nipple Covers

We recommend silver nipple covers because silver is a metal with amazing and beneficial properties. Silver is naturally antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial. Silver is also cooling and can provide relief for sore nipples.

8. Nursing Pillow

Nursing pillows are essential for any parent, regardless of how you choose to feed your baby. Babies may be small but can feel very heavy if held for an extended period of time. Nursing pillows are a cozy place for babies to hang out during feedings and while sleeping, and also allow parents more freedom to move.Our recommendation for a quality nursing pillow is the My Brest Friend pillow.

9. Dr. Brown's Bottles

It’s best to buy baby bottles in advance of your birth, and have them washed, sanitized, and ready for use. Our favorite brand of baby bottles is Dr. Brown’s. Dr. Brown’s bottles are a winner because they are designed to combat gas and colic. Babies also tend to latch onto Dr. Brown’s bottles well because of the elongated nipple shape.

10. Newborn Carrier

New moms should not be moving around too much in the days immediately following the birth of their baby. Rest should be a huge priority for postpartum moms, and it’s important to gently ease yourself back into the activities of daily life. A newborn carrier is a great tool for moms who want to be able to carry their baby easily without a cumbersome stroller or car seat. Additionally, babies love being snuggled so close to their parents and often sleep very well in carriers.

Links to Our Favorite Products:

Hydroflask 40 Ounce Water Bottle

Frida Upside Down Peri Bottle

Organic Herbal Sitz Bath

Spectra S2 Plus Premier Electric Breast Pump

Haakaa Generation 2 Silicone Breast Pump

Organic Nipple Butter

Silverette Cups

My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow

Dr. Brown's Bottles

Moby Wrap

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