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The Best Gifts for Newborn Families

Updated: May 29, 2023

Buying gifts for pregnant friends and family members can be difficult, even for those of us well-versed in all things pregnancy and birth. Fortunately, in this day and age, it’s possible to not only gift physical items but services as well. Listed below are some of our favorite gift ideas for newborn families.

The Best Gifts for Newborn Families

Anything from the Registry

People make baby registries for a reason! Choosing a gift from the registry may not be the most glamorous option, but at least you can rest assured knowing that your gift is actually going to be used. Parents-to-be spend a lot of time on their registries (and often consult professionals such as postpartum doulas for advice on what to register for), and often the best option for friends and family is to just stick to the list! Buying a set of onesies or a box of diapers may feel impersonal and boring, but they are true necessities and will make your friends’ lives easier. If you aren’t sure if your friends have a registry, just ask!

A Homemade Meal

Among the happiest memories of my childhood are the days following the births of my siblings. I was delighted to have a new baby brother or sister, but I was even more delighted by the imminent arrival of my parents’ church friends, who came laden with casseroles and desserts. Preparing a homemade meal is a genuine act of kindness that your friend will never forget. Everyone can benefit from a hot meal, but this gift can be especially beneficial for parents with children at home. Check in with your friend to see if they have organized a meal train, and be sure to ask about any dietary restrictions as well!

Gift Cards to Local Restaurants

I’ve lived in several different states, and when my friends back in New Mexico or Michigan give birth I am simply unable to show up at their door with a hot meal. Sending a gift card to a local restaurant is a great alternative! New parents can cash in your gift card for a night of takeout or for an outing with their little one. Gift cards for delivery services such as GrubHub or UberEats are equally valuable.

Postpartum Doula Services

Giving the gift of a postpartum doula can make all the difference for some families. Postpartum doula services can include both daytime and nighttime support for new parents. Postpartum doulas support not only the baby and mother, but the entire family. Some common tasks that postpartum doulas complete include infant care, light household tasks, grocery shopping and meal prep, and help with older children. It is not uncommon at all for family members to gift our services to a loved one!

A Self-Care Service for Mom

Another great gift idea for a new mom is a self-care service. Some moms could really benefit from a relaxing massage or a session with an acupuncturist. Look for providers that specialize in postpartum support. A housecleaning service could also help mom get some well-needed rest!

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