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Why Northern Virginia is a Great Place to Have a Baby

Updated: May 29, 2023

We may be biased, but we think Northern Virginia is one of the best places in the country to live. Katya was born and raised here, and, after living in numerous states, I have called Northern Virginia home for two years. Personally, I love living somewhere so busy and diverse, but also close to both the mountains and the ocean. Living minutes away from Washington, D.C. is a great perk, too.

Northern Virginia is a Great Place to Have a Baby

Not only is Northern Virginia a great place to live and work, but it's also a wonderful place to raise a family. This is primarily because Northern Virginians have access to amenities and services that parents in other regions do not. Without further ado, here’s a list of reasons why Northern Virginia is an excellent place to have a baby:

1. Choice of World-Class Hospitals

Families in Northern Virginia have their pick of hospitals, and some of the hospitals in Northern Virginia are among the best in the nation. The INOVA hospitals (which are consistently recognized for excellent healthcare) offer parents the option of birthing at their numerous locations, which include INOVA Alexandria, INOVA Fairfax, INOVA Fair Oaks, and INOVA Loudoun. Another popular hospital option for expecting parents in Northern Virginia is the Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington. Parents willing to travel the short distance into Maryland and Washington, D.C. have even more excellent hospitals to choose from.

2. Access to Midwifery Services

Many communities across the nation do not have access to quality midwifery services, but parents in Northern Virginia are fortunate to live in an area with access to excellent midwives. Midwives work in hospitals, in birth centers, and as homebirth midwives.

Parents in Northern Virginia who want to birth in a hospital setting with a midwife instead of an OB/GYN have the option to do so. In fact, midwives work at all four of the INOVA hospitals listed above.

Birth centers are a great option for parents who want to birth outside of the hospital setting. Premier Birth Center has locations in both Winchester and Chantilly, and employs numerous midwives to meet the needs of their clients.

Lastly, there are plenty of homebirth midwives working in Northern Virginia as well!

3. Birth and Postpartum Doula Services

We strongly believe that there is a doula for everyone, and that is even more true in Northern Virginia! Many phenomenal doulas call this area home. It can be easier for Northern Virginia parents to find a doula with a specific skill set (such as Hypnobirthing, VBAC experience, or the ability to speak a foreign language) than in smaller communities. In fact, Katya is often contacted by Russian clients because she is a native speaker of Russian.

It’s no secret that many people move to Northern Virginia for the job opportunities. Postpartum doulas can be an excellent resource for parents who are starting (or continuing!) their journey into parenthood without family nearby to support them.

4. Parenting Communities

Even if parents in Northern Virginia aren’t able to rely on their families for support, it’s easy to find parenting communities in Northern Virginia. Thanks to the enormous population of Northern Virginians (over 3 million people!) there are numerous local groups specifically for new parents. These groups can be found via social media networks such as Facebook, through websites such as, or through the Peanut app.

5. Numerous Childcare Options

Parents in Northern Virginia will have no trouble finding quality care for their baby. There are over 2,000 regulated childcare options in Fairfax County alone! Additionally, many families choose to employ private childcare providers, such as au-pairs and nannies. Northern Virginia is a hot spot for both nannies and au-pairs due to its proximity to Washington, D.C. Northern Virginian parents can rest assured knowing that when it's time to search for someone to help care for their little one, they will have plenty of options to choose from.


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