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Hello! My Name Is Siena Butler

Meet Siena

Siena Butler Nightime Postpartum Doula Childbirth Educator

Nightime Postpartum Doula
Childbirth Educator

Siena Butler is a seasoned birth and postpartum doula, certified through Shafia Monroe Consulting and Sacred Window Studies. With a focus on traditional care and Ayurveda, she has attended over 80 births and supported 100+ families within hospital settings. Siena's journey began in the Swedish Doula Program in Seattle, where she honed her skills and developed a passion for maternal health advocacy.

Driven by her own transformative birth experience, Siena is committed to addressing issues like maternal mortality and postpartum challenges. Trained as an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula and Full Circle Birth and Postpartum Doula, she emphasizes true informed consent and collaboration with medical professionals.

Siena's philosophy centers on the profound nature of birth and postpartum, recognizing them as sacred rites of passage. Through empathy and compassion, she empowers clients to navigate their unique journeys with confidence and trust. As the founder and director of the Northern Virginia Community Doula Project, she continues to advocate for equitable and sustainable doula services.

“We had Siena as our night nurse and she was amazing! Her calm, thoughtful personality was exactly what we were looking for. She is very knowledgeable about babies and helped us out with a slew of questions from nursing to sleeping. She gave us some much needed sleep during those early weeks, and we're so grateful for her gentle approach.”


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